For this long trip, the Olivier brothers took the Imperial No:7 road which later became the Route National 7 to Lyon then Vienne before deviating towards Grenoble to Tullins where they visited an uncle. From there, they followed the Isere river to Romans and re-joined the Imperial No:7 at Valence and followed it to Avignon.
Today it is not possible to follow this route which has become too dangerous with heavy traffic and cycling is forbidden on parts of it. It is no longer a scenic route and certainly not suitable for machines only capable of an average speed of 6-7 mph.
So it is necessary to take a parallel route as near as possible to the original but suitable for mounts which are almost 150 years old and weigh around 30kg.
Each day’s étape has been chosen depending upon the availability of accommodation with a target distance of 30 – 45 miles per day, enjoyable scenery and the opportunity to meet like-minded locals on route. We wish to share our adventure with local dignitaries and all lovers of bicycles to make this journey one of friendship linked to the history of cycling.
Three support vehicles will carry luggage and repair equipment and will wait at predetermined points along the route to avoid disruption to other traffic.
A first reconnaissance trip of the route has been done during 2014 to check out all issues and particularly the gradients and potential traffic problems.


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