Portait Alain Alain CUVIER (France)
Collector, President of the Association Histoire du Cycle
Committee member and Director of the IVCA
(International Veteran Cycle Association)
Photo Le Pontet - Vaucluse © Angelique Surel Keizo KOBAYASHI (Japon)
Historian and researcher, author of a thesis in 1990 on the history of the velocipede.
Previous correspondent of the Bicycle Culture Centre of Tokyo.
Photo Angélique SUREL, Vaucluse Matin
Portrait Glen Glen NORCLIFFE (Canada)
Professor Emeritus and Senior Scholar at York University in Toronto
Collector, lecturer and author of books on the history of cycling
President of the IVCA
Carey Extraordinary Carey WILLIAMS (Etats-Unis)
Historian on the early development of the velocipede in North America
Significant collector of American bicycles of the 19th  century
Portrait Gilles Gilles TAMAGNE (France)
Collector, cycling enthusiast
Portrait Dominique Dominique LEFEBVRE (France / Deutchland)
Secretary of the IVCA
Portrait Stuart Stuart MASON-ELLIOTT (UK)
Collector of 19th Century Bicycles
Committee member of the Pickwick Bicycle Club
(the oldest bicycle club in the World)

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