News from England

Stuart England

I thought it was time to update you on my progress towards the big ride, which is now a few weeks away! I have spent a lot of time preparing my Velocipede, which has original wheels and weighs 35kilograms! I fortunately have a wheelwright living close to Southampton, who has helped to tighten, straighten the wheels as best possible, although they still wobble!
I have added new solid tyres, brake straps, cast new brass pedals and she is ready to ride!
So the training has begun around a park near home, and last night I rode 10km in an hour. It has a hill of up to 5% gradient which seems the most I can cope with at the moment. Anything steeper and I need to walk… I seem to be averaging around 10 kms per hour so perhaps I will be the slowest carrying the ‘Lanterne Rouge’?

Stuart Donation I have decided to raise sponsorship for Charity and have chosen Cancer Research UK. Having launched by website I have been stunned by support from friends, family and business contacts :  I have already raised  several thousand Pounds !

Click on the picture for more informations.

Tally HO!

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