L’Echo de la Sologne

Illustrated newspaper, edition June 20, 1865

It is said that these last days of spring, bathed in a shy sun, a chap from the rising sun land was sighted in Sologne, going like the wind, on a strange machine.
He spent, from morning to night, the sunken roads of Sologne browsing nearly thirteen miles (55 km) while repeating to anyone who would listen him that he would soon go from Paris to Avignon following the way of diligence with his strange mount.
He was accompanied, as someone told, by an accomplice but no one could identify it.
A follower of Mr. Niepce who was there, by chance, has opportunely captured the animal on its glass plate. We made here a reproduction :
Keizo 20-06-1865

At the end of the day, weary and exhausted by comings and goings, he would have drank a ale at “Cuvier pub” post house, leaving his mount there before returning to the capital by railway, promising to be back soon.

Your correspondent,


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