First ride for Glen

Our adventure began during the ICHC Conference at the CNAM in Paris in 2011 when Keizo told me about his trip on his MTB following the tracks of the Olivier Brothers in 2009.
I said to him: “We must do it again in 2015, but on original velocipedes”. Keizo replied “but I don’t have an original velocipede”, and I said “I can lend you one, it is not very big but will be perfect for you.”
Keizo accepted the offer, I began a search for a velocipede with larger wheels for myself.
I found one in England, but its wheels were in a poor state.
So I left the frame in England, and took the wheels back to Canada where I had new wheels made by an old order Mennonite wheelwright.
And here is the result: my first ride on the machine on may 6, 2015 in Dedham, England with a new saddle, the new wheels and the frame brought together for the first time.

Glen Boneshaker Dedham

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